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Community Science - connecting project-based learning to conservation efforts and practice

Ron Smith — Haddonfield Memorial HS and Drexel University

All over the country and world there are species and ecosystems in trouble. Quite simply there are not enough scientists and conservation professionals to address all of these issues. Educational leaders from various settings have the opportunity to engage students at all levels in nature study that can focus on participating in conservation work. Not only will this offer assistance to countless projects that are in need of participants to accomplish specific tasks, but the partnerships between education and conservation science offer great promise to spread the word about conservation case studies and increase the understanding of our place in the world and what we can do to help restore, protect and enhance ecosystem services and ecological integrity in nature

Conversational Practice

How do we increase participation in community science projects and what can we do to coordinate and communicate with our fellow educators? This session will examine these questions through examples of projects, professional development and existing partnerships so as to bring to light the need for community science and our ability as educators to make this happen across K-12 programs as well as college and community-based settings.

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