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How is trauma present in your school?

Alex Shevrin Venet

What happens when we shift our question from “which students have experienced trauma in my school?” to “how is trauma present in my school?” Could we uncover the ways that trauma impacts our students, ourselves, community members, our towns and cities, the education system as a whole? And what might we do with those answers? This shift allows us to draw our attention to systemic challenges (and solutions) rather than staying in a pathologizing, medicalized view of trauma that sometimes fuels deficit orientation toward students. Shifting our lens to include the whole community also allows us to talk in real ways about teacher stress and trauma that we experience in the workplace. In this session, we’ll work through a series of questions designed to unpack how trauma is present in our schools, and then discuss how we might move forward with this frame in mind.

Conversational Practice

We'll start with a whole group overview, then have individual reflection/journaling time, followed by small group discussion. Then we'll shuffle small groups for a second prompt, and return to the large group for wrap-up conversation.

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