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How should internships change in a world of remote work?

Alex Hillman, Opeola Bukola — Indy Hall, 10k Independents Project

Internships provide multiple layers of valuable experience for students, from introducing them to a range of potential careers to shaping their skills and expectations around professionalism.

We know how to run an internship with a traditional workplace, but as remote work and even gig-based work are normal and even the default in some industries, things need to be adapted in order for students to have access to people working in the careers that they might be interested in.

This conversation invites participants to interrogate the value of internships, unique the challenges and opportunities of pairing young people with remote work internships, and redesign elements of the internship experience that we can begin to put into action.

Conversational Practice

  • facilitated and time-boxed inquiry into the most valuable parts of the internship experience (are students who have done internships able to be a part of this convo)?
  • can bring in experienced people who work full time remote, not just pandemic remote.
  • facilitated exercise to collect and organize the challenges & opportunities

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