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Let's Talk School Board - Crowdsourcing Examples of How To Do It Right (and a few examples of where it has been done wrong)

Session 2
Andrew Coy — Digital Harbor Foundation

I was recently appointed as a School Board Commissioner for Baltimore City Public Schools. As one who has been to EduCon over the years, I know the wealth of knowledge and insight here and think a collaborative conversation that is focused on building examples of school boards members doing it right, and a few lessons to learn from it being done wrong (if you all want to go there), could become a powerful Orientation Handbook for new School Board Members. I am looking to build a resource to help me and others who are interested, take the values of EduCon into my service.

Conversational Practice

We will be actively creating an outline and content for a School Board Member Handbook, EduCon-style. Included will be a database of current or prior school board members who subscribe to the values and work of EduCon, policies and approaches that they have championed, and how any school board member could find their way in supporting positive innovation in their school district.

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