Katrina Struloeff

Katrina Struloeff

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

About Me

Katrina Struloeff is an experienced k-12 urban educator with a background in non-profit operations, educational development, and communications. Prior to joining Drexel, Katrina spent 7 years in the New Orleans public charter school landscape as a middle school and high school administrator. She has facilitated national training for organizations that serve youth and families in vulnerable positions; taught arts, STEM, and entrepreneurship to youth; engaged with community activism and social enterprise incubation; and led partnerships with numerous national and regional organizations for information-sharing and innovative evidence-based programming. She earned a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College in public policy, with a focus on nonprofit and arts management. Her research interests focus on leadership and education policy including equity gaps and representation for women and minoritized populations, civic education, policy design, and principles and practices of effective leaders in education.

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