Megan Hayden

Megan Hayden

Workshop School and Process This
West Philly

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Meg is currently the Upper House Coordinator at the Workshop School, supporting students in their internships.

As a child, Megan had reading and writing specialists, speech therapists, and tutors. She knew she was different but did not know why. She got good grades but no one knew her “secret”. Megan could not read. As an adult, Megan Hayden is a youth motivator providing insight and strategies for parents and their children on the “how to” succeed from the inside out.

Meg, founder of Process This, is building a mobile app for high school students with learning disabilities to communicate their academic struggles and feelings in real time to their parents, teachers and others in their support network. The team receives critical information along with instant strategies that informs their practice and support for the student. Co-founders, Meg Hayden is an educator with a learning difference. She is building a technology we wish we had growing up 15 years ago.

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