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Augmented Awesomeness: Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Session 4
Christopher Rogers — Greene Street Friends School, Philly Connected Learning Group

Aurasma (www.aurasma.com) is a FREE app for iOS and Android devices that brings the potential of augmented reality into your hands. Intuitive and simplified, with Aurasma you can begin to layer virtual objects (videos, animations, pop-ups, links, etc.) over trigger images in your camera's view. Think QR Codes, but instead of those squares, actual art and full scale images. At Greene Street Friends School in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, a "Choices" group (synonymous with electives) of 5th-8th graders spent their Wednesday afternoons experimenting with the application within the GSFS Library. As more schools come to embrace BYOD and 1-to-1 technology integration models, teachers and administrators can find innovative ways to use this technology to engage and interest students, create new outlets for students to display and reflect upon their work, and also redefine the way that students can interact with print texts. Students from the project shall be on hand to discuss their experience, what they enjoyed, and the potential pitfalls.

TIP: We will make available iPads for those who do not have an Aurasma capable device already. However, if you do, I would suggest downloading the app in advance of the Conversation for our Make-n-Take plans.

EDIT: (12/16/2013) I'm working on my presentation using a Google Document that is open for comments. Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, etc. in this document. http://bit.ly/educonAR

UPDATE (1/23/2014): Rethinking the use of Twitter and will continue to use Google Doc (http://bit.ly/educonAR) through the presentation. Added some info over the weekend and changed the setting to allow editing from everyone.

UPDATE (1/24/2014): Added Presentation Slides: http://bit.ly/1eYdzWd

Conversational Practice

We plan to have iPads on hand for conversation participants to experiment live with Aurasma and create their first augmented reality experience. Students shall act as group leaders. Backchannel conversation will be funneled through GoogleDocs to create a collaborative resource take-away.

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Christopher Rogers
Christopher Rogers
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