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Hack On: The NWP Educon 2.5 Hack Jam

Session 1
Meenoo Rami, Chad Sansing — Meenoo Rami - Science Leadership Academy (SLA), Chad Sansing - Community Public Charter School (CPCS)

Hacking and schooling mean different things to different people, but at their crossroads we have the opportunity to look at the past, present, and future of both and to explore how the two seemingly disparate ideas of schooling (as building up) and hacking (as taking apart) can inform one another, our professional practice, and our students’ learning.

In this session, participants will hack Candyland and the Web to provoke conversation about how and why educators, students, parents, and policy-makers might hack school to make it more fun, playful, and authentic for our kids and their learning. In pursuing a more compelling, hacked vision of school through their conversation, participants will have the opportunity unpack notions of bias, choice, hacking, organizing, pop media, resistance, technology, and youth in schools. Together, participants and facilitators will explore making and web-authoring as metaphors for broader change in how we school children.

Participants will leave as members of the hack jam community and with the kind of motivating discontent that leads to intensely meaningful inquiry-based learning as professional-development and substantive change in teaching practice.

Conversational Practice

Play and conversation Sharing hacks and artifacts on the NWP Hack Jam tumblr Inviting and participating in social media backchannels

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