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How do we help the next generation of teachers become connected public practitioners?

Session 4
Kira Baker-Doyle — Arcadia University School of Education

The aim of this conversation is to rethink teacher education from the perspective of building a context/ecosystem of connectedness between the students/institution and the broader community of professional educators (rather than thinking of teacher education as providing content or skills from a singular source - the college/university). The conversation is meant to explore this idea and begin to build a network of thinkers on this topic. We'll discuss questions like: What would this re-design mean for teacher education (implications)? What would it look like? Are there current examples? What are the challenges? What are the benefits? What connections would be beneficial for beginning teachers?

Conversational Practice

Conversation format: -Opening introductions: What drew you to this conversation? What questions/ideas does it raise for you? —> Summary of themes —> List, Group, Label (identify 3-4 topics that came up and break into small groups to discuss each) —> Small groups report back (time for clarifying questions and suggestions for each) —> Summary of themes, next steps

Tools: -We will use a shared google doc - small groups will write talking points/resources in the doc and presenter will polish it for group -Twitter hashtag #NetworkedTeacherChat for real-time and continued discussion. -Google doc will be posted on presenter's blog for continued discussion.

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Kira Baker-Doyle
Kira Baker-Doyle
Arcadia University School of Education


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