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Rules of Engagement – Boys Write Now and Save Our Skills Summer Programs

Session 2
Samuel Reed, Peggy Marie Savage, Chris Rogers — Philadelphia Writing Project, Teachers Lead Philly, Teacher Action Group

Presenters will describe what student engagement looked liked during their mutual observations at their respective programs. The emphasis on connecting summer and out of school programs to traditional school time practices will be covered.

Presenters will elaborate on the need to create learning spaces that allow students to manage their time while reading, writing and thinking.

Participants will be provided an opportunity to think, plan, write and discuss how to engage students.

Participants may consider the following - How to engage students in literacy? What does engagement look like? - How does art and writing co-exist in learning spaces? - How can collaborating with other teachers and artist improve our practice? - What connections do summer and out of school programs have with traditional school time - What does it mean to be #HerePastSummer ?

Conversational Practice

Participants will engage in discourse via multiple platforms. Through Twitter participants will follow and contribute to the hashtag #BoysWriteNow which will allow for sharing resources and asking deeper questions.

Participants will also have access and contribute to the Start Write Now Google Document.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qmDQ5pq13l9tOPmmicW94Lv2rhmWmzwACPZgaHunghY/edit

The sharing and curation of additional resources will provide participants with something they can take away, after the conversation is over.

Conversation Links

Presenter Profiles

Christopher Rogers
Christopher Rogers
Greene Street Friends School
Samuel Reed III
Samuel Reed III
U School / Philadelphia Writing Project


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