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Wonder, By Design

Session 4
Christian Long, David Jakes — The Third Teacher Plus and Cannon Design

To change schools, to improve learning, to help students reach and extend past their goals, requires special people who have the imaginative capacity to believe in human potential.

We begin our lives with learning everything we can. We wonder about why things happen and how things work. Our imagination lights up with question after question about our how the world works…we engage in observation, in play, and in trial and error just to learn everything we can. Over time, as we know more, and become more conscious of the act of learning, and of knowing, our capacity for childlike learning diminishes Certainly, we may be curious about new subjects and different types of learning, but it is rare to be able to capture the same spirit of wonder about learning that inhabits all children.

But that’s exactly what’s needed in education right now.

School, with the classrooms of our past, filled with rigid arrangements of space and instruction, policies, and protocols, requires a new design - one that promotes wonder, one that fuels the imagination, and one that re-establishes wonder as the essential element of the learning equation. What if school was a base camp for wonder?

Come explore wonder with us. Recharge your imagination with wonder, and have the opportunity to see the same things in a new way and new things in a new way. Most importantly, begin transforming your classroom or school by creating a climate and culture of wonder that unfolds unlimited opportunities for learning.

Conversational Practice

This conversation is based in a series of design challenges that ask participants to actively engage with each other to examine the concept of wonder and its relationship to learning, schools, and school change.

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