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Asset Mapping for Sustainable Classrooms and Side Hustles

Session 2
Samuel A. Reed III — U School / AFRN Program, SriiiConsulting

Asset mapping is a powerful tool that can be used to empower, reveal strengths and uncover solutions. Our conversation will explore the difference between deficit-based education versus asset-based education. And provide models of asset-based programs that allow students to discover cultural, social, and economic solutions that can be applied to other areas of life — specifically small businesses and side hustles.

Think of it this way, a constant mantra students are fed in school is that they need an education so they can get out of the “hood” — the very communities that nurtured them and prepared them for the world. If these students’ communities are only portrayed to them in this light, then students won’t be encouraged to leverage the resources and tools that already exist in their communities, because they’ll be more concerned with looking elsewhere. The models and conversations will encourage us to look inwards at our communities and take advantage of the resources that we already have. By doing so, we can reach potentials that might not have otherwise been reached.

The presentation will share sustainable projects that were incubated at U School’s AFNR program (Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources). This program works to provide examples to students of Green and Sustainable Careers and Side Hustles, as well as provide fresh food and products from our Community garden to support the U School Community Fridge.

Participants will learn how to
Collaborate with other creators to promote sustainable projects Gain funding from institutions and community groups Explore spaces/institutions where you can develop sustainable classroom projects Look for resources in your community

Conversational Practice

The Conversation will provide model asset mapping and be co-led by educators, and students.

Design Thinking and Connected Learning Principles will be anchored throughout the conversations.

Participants will be inspired to apply asset mapping for classroom projects or sustainable side hustles.

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Samuel Reed III
Samuel Reed III
U School / Philadelphia Writing Project


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