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Connecting Philadelphia students with the world: skill-building programs to empower global awareness.

Session 6
Kristin Hutchinson, Sara Raposo — World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, Citizen Diplomacy International Philadelphia

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia has been a leader in education in the Greater Philadelphia area since 1949. Now merging with Citizen Diplomacy International of Philadelphia, educational programming will be targeting students in Philadelphia and worldwide. Middle and high school students have access to international exchange programs, leadership workshops, community service projects, scholarship and mentorship opportunities, speaker events, and private briefings with some of the leading public figures and scholars on the world stage today. Programs offer a suite of role-playing, virtual and in-person opportunities and aim to introduce students to international relations, diplomacy, global awareness, STEM entrepreneurship, and social innovation. Students are exposed to the world's most pressing issues while developing their critical thinking, digital literacy, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, and cross-cultural collaboration. The proposed conversation will be an opportunity to discuss the best practices for promoting dialogue with other stakeholders in education, including students, families, educators, and other local and global education leaders, on how to better help meet the growing demand for global affairs curricula in local schools. We also propose a Q&A opportunity about our educational offerings to discuss the best way to serve the Philadelphia community.

Conversational Practice

Participants will be invited to engage in a participatory activity in a shared digital space using Jamboard, which will direct the conversation, inviting all the attendees to engage in active dialogue.

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Kristin Hutchinson
Kristin Hutchinson
World Affairs Council of Philadelphia


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