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Critical creativity for global learners: Tricks and tips for creative expression in any classroom

Session 2
Jacqueline Gardy, Dan Ryder — U.S. Department of State, Community Regional Charter School, Skowhegan, Maine

Participants will explore game-on-get-after-it strategies designed to grow and expand creative capacity by moving through 4 creative stations, where they can learn, share, and create to jumpstart their teaching and learning.

During this session, participants will learn:
How to identify a variety of strategies to grow creative capacity in learners & educators across ages, contents & contexts by using three classroom-tested strategies.

Participants will be able to apply these creative strategies to designing solutions for problems of personal, local & global concern using computational thinking skills, deconstruction, & abstraction techniques.

Participants will be able to assess the growth of their own creativity capacities over the course of this interactive session by documenting initial thoughts & key findings from start to finish.

Part 1: Warm-up: What IS & what is NOT creative expression? (10 minutes) Brainstorm using a pen & paper or any preferred digital brainstorming tool.

Part 2: Intros: 3 speakers talk about creativity & their backgrounds (10 minutes) Dan & Jacquie will discuss their creative journeys & how they incorporate creativity into their daily lives & how they teach creative strategies to their learners.

Part 3: Quick-fire strategies: (25 minutes)
The facilitators will introduce high and low-tech strategies for participants to practice. Each strategy engages visual & linguistic modalities & can be amplified through technology tools & experienced through analog creation. A slide deck will include links to all resources & provide links to digital spaces for creativity include Google Slides, Sketch.io, Padlet & Noun Project.

Part 4: Sharing out & reflection & Q&A (15 minutes) Our exit ticket reflection will ask participants to choose a color from a color palette selection to represent their takeaways from this session.

Conversational Practice

Participants will actively practice using the strategies addressed in the session on the spot and will share them socially on collaborative slide decks. The slide decks will be open for others to view and comment on during and after the session.

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