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Cultivate Thinking Skills Using Contemporary Art and PZ Routines

Session 2
Marita Fitzpatrick, Karen Rufino — Philadelphia School District

Teachers across all disciplines can spark curiosity, promote a sense of wonder, and encourage critical thinking skills using Project Zero’s Thinking Routines. Pairing works of art with Thinking Routines, attendees will practice techniques which introduce and explore, summarize and synthesize ideas, and find ways to dig deeper through perspective taking. In this conversation, fellow educators will be introduced to, practice and reflect on at least three routines using a variety of engaging contemporary artworks. Teachers hosting this conversation regularly use Thinking Routines with students. Thinking Routines "deepen thinking and help make thinking visible."* Routines, such as Chalk Talk, encourage silent conversation and an opportunity for even the quietest students to participate. These routines value each student's perspective using open ended prompts. Founded at Harvard School of Education by Nelson Goodman in 1967, Project Zero is a research think-tank grounded in using the arts to dive into deep inquiry. Fifty-five years after its founding, Project Zero continues to work with schools around the globe. Howard Gardner, Ron Richart, and Shari Tishman are some of the principal researchers. *pz.harvard.edu

Conversational Practice

From the start, artwork will be projected on the screen. Attendees will be invited to look and notice details as we use the routine, "What Makes You Say That?".Right from the start, the group will use this routine, as well as other thinking routines. Folks are encouraged to ask questions and reflect on the activities. Attendees will use as many routines as time allows. Participants will be able to look at the source of this routine and others using a QR code posted. The resource containing Thinking Routines will also contain a digital portfolio of contemporary artwork and biographical information of the artists.

Presenter Profiles

Marita Fitzpatrick
Marita Fitzpatrick
Bodine High School for International Affairs


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