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Design Thinking Beyond the Classroom

Session 3
Chris Loeffler, Julie Rodowsky — Wilmington Friends School

Starting with a short presentation on the design thinking model and how the presenters have used it to lead and redesign experiences at their own school, participants will have the chance to work with breakout groups to consider how design thinking can help them with their own challenges. Seeking empathy helps you understand experiences and challenges through a different lens. A prototyping mindset allows you to work and fail fast, while gaining critical feedback to improve an overall experience. Our experience has also helped us recognize the importance of setting a purpose for everything from large projects to the smallest team meetings. Participants should walk away with quick tips, useful strategies, and the motivation to work through school wide challenges with a new set of tools.

Conversational Practice

A short presentation will precede a mini-design thinking session and then small breakout groups. In the design thinking session, the group will choose one challenge and tackle it together to practice the steps of the process. Breakout groups will give participants the chance to think through the steps they can take to rethink their own challenge. With the support of group leaders and other participants, everyone should walk away with a plan to use empathy and prototyping to find a solution to one of their own challenges.

Presenter Profiles

Chris Loeffler
Chris Loeffler
Wilmington Friends School


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