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Gradelessness & Microdocumentation of Learning: Assessment through Learning Journeys

Session 3
Garreth Heidt & Students — Perkiomen Valley High School

Join a teacher with over 15 years experience (not all of it good…but better than grades) in a gradeless classroom as he and his students discuss the impacts of a gradeless classroom on their learning.

We will also have a math teacher from our high school who has created a grade-less method for assessment present to discuss her methods, successes, and opportunities.

Learn how certain techniques and applications make the gradeless process a truer and more authentic assessment of student learning.

Conferencing, Student Narratives, Digital-Portfolios, Microducumentation and Macrodocumentation of learning are the key methods of focus. However, the impact of this session will be found when those with experience in Specs grading, Labor-based Grading, or in using grading contracts join us to add your knowledge and experience to the discussion.

Please see this slidedeck for other important links and research. https://tinyurl.com/5968r6sd

Conversational Practice

Student testimonials and teacher reflections form the basis for the background. Current students will discuss their experiences.

Documents, testimonials, and digital media will help develop background for teachers new to gradeless practices.

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Presenter Profiles

Garreth Heidt
Garreth Heidt
Perkiomen Valley High School


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