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How Immediate and Meaningful Learning Data deepens student - teacher connections and Enhances Math Instruction

Session 5
Lee Finkelstein, Nicole Fisher — The ASSISTments Foundation, School District of Philadelphia

Participants will be given a brief tour of the ASSISTments Teacher platform where they’ll learn how to find and assign problem types from an extensive content library. Participants will see how the problem types look from the students perspective and how immediate corrective feedback supports learning. Once the overview is complete the class will be split into two groups, and a hands-on ‘ experience role play will follow. A small group will be given the teacher role, to assign math work in Google Classroom from her curriculum. The larger group will be students who will complete the assignments in ‘their’ Google Classroom work stream. Then together, in small groups, teams will draw conclusions and conversation entry points from the teacher’s class report. Finally, the teachers will play the role of instructional leaders and use a data dashboard, Insights Hub, to share data and interact with teachers, all with a focus on building stronger relationships through data, feedback and support. To close, participants will share how and where they see potential uses of this type of data, support, and feedback in their school communities.

Conversational Practice

The conversational practice will be small group and coaching. Initially, the group will be led to log in to free ASSISTments accounts on their devices, accounts they’ll be able to access whenever they choose after the session and after EduCon. Then the conversation will be a role play where ‘students’ will work on problems together, sharing challenges and successes while the ‘teachers’ will ask questions to help ‘students’ direct and own their learning. The conversation will be rich as the groups look for conversation entry points based on data from the perspectives of teachers, students, and instructional coaches

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