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Wonder, Curiosity, Expeditions and Journeys

Session 3
David Jakes — David Jakes Designs LLC

In the spirit of rejuvenation, there is an opportunity to reshape our practice as educators by rekindling the beliefs and actions that contribute to the design of an education that matters. Moving beyond the expected and mundane, and past different and better, reimagining education means developing a new path and a new journey - one that leads to a remarkable future for learners. This path, fundamentally grounded by the childlike learning behaviors of wonder and curiosity, requires that educators recapture the imagination required to think and act in completely new ways. This conversation focuses on understanding that journey, how it can emerge and be sustained, and how professional educators must challenge themselves to invent and lead a new experience worthy of serving our students' future.

Conversational Practice

The session will begin with a short 5 minute presentation on the Shackleton Expedition to frame the concept of an expedition and journey where the destination is somewhat known but that the outcome is defiantly not known. The conversation then initiates with a series of provocations associated with identifying key elements of a journey, the role that wonder and curiosity play in establishing a canvas for learning, with the upshot and final synthesis of the conversation being focused on the need to think big and with renewed vigor about the potential of the educational opportunity that schools offer. I see too much of traditional, too much stagnant practice and too much acceptance of a pathway that leads to an unremarkable destination. This session is about provocation, getting people to think bigger and in different directions and dimensions, while respectfully challenging them to reflect on their own practice and what the ideas discussed in the session mean to them.

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