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Depth, Inquiry, and Authenticity in traditionally hierarchical content areas

Session 4
Marina Isakowitz and Max Rosen-Long — Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber

How do you get students thinking on a deep level with surface level skills? How do you get to the interesting questions and meaningful activities when you're learning primary skills?

In other words, how can we encourage students to play Mozart (or feel like they are), when they only know Chopsticks?

What are the essential questions and enduring understandings that we want students to work through and hold on to, when their skills only allow them to access basic content?

We are first-level math and Spanish teachers at SLA Beeber, grappling with how to create meaningful, authentic activities that engage students and encourage them to think deeply- even though the content itself may not be deep on its own.

Conversational Practice

This is intended to be a conversation and a sharing of best practices. We will be brainstorming in small groups, and sharing out via chart paper and commentary.

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Presenter Profiles

Max Rosen-Long
Max Rosen-Long
SLA Beeber
Marina Isakowitz
Marina Isakowitz
Science Leadership Academy @ Beeber - School District of Philadelphia


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