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Leading Learners to Level Up #LL2LU

Session 2
Jill Gough, Shelley Paul — Trinity School, Woodward Academy

LL2LU is about design, empathy, process, prototyping, and communication. What is essential to be learned? What evidence do we need to demonstrate learning? How do we communicate path(s) for success that learners can follow and riff on?

This conversation is designed to help teachers design paths for formative assessment that lead learners to level up. Learners will be able to say “I can…” and “Can you help me…” based on the assessment — empowering the learner to have control over a path to success.

This conversation is designed to build teacher confidence, experience, and understanding of non-graded formative assessment and feedback loops. Strategies employed in this conversation will be experiential, hands-on, and collaborative. At the end of this conversation, teacher-learners will be able to say —I can articulate the essential learnings for our student-learners in student friendly language. —I can describe and show what reaching the target for the essential learning looks like, calls for, and requires. —I can build a leveled assessment to provide a path for reaching the target level of the essential learning. This leveled assessment will ask for and provide evidence of learning and opportunities for growth. —I can use the evidence collected from the leveled assessment to make course corrections for learners as needed to ensure that all learners become proficient.

Conversational Practice

We will use the interview and fishbowl methods to model the #LL2LU process. We’ll share our learning in real time through a digital backchannel for crowdsourced notes, questions and comments, inviting virtual participants to participate along with in-person participants. Learners will prototype a learning progression, participate in a gallery walk for a feedback loop, and iterate the progression based on feedback. We will then work on developing an assessment for learners to provide evidence of learning.

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Jill Gough
Jill Gough
Trinity School
Shelley Paul
Shelley Paul
Atlanta International School


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