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A "Schoolpunk" Future

Session 1
Will Richardson — Big Questions Institute

"Schoolpunk" envisions how the future of schools might look if humanity succeeds in solving the major contemporary challenges we face with an emphasis on sustainability, relevance, wellness, and justice. It is an idea for a movement (similar to "solarpunk") that seeks to answer and embody the question “what is an aspirational future for schools (and / or schooling), and how do we get there?”

Conversational Practice

This conversation will focus on some (but maybe not all) of the following: * what a movement for “Schoolpunk” might look like and how to grow a community around it * how to “imagine harder” with others to create new artifacts and narratives to help lead others to create a more desirable future. * how we can use the concept of “Design Fiction” to create tangible aspects of the futures we desire for schools * how to feel more optimistic about our potential paths forward

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