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Building meaningful partnerships and adaptive toys

Session 2
David Ingenthron — Beaver Country Day School

Hear an example of how a summer camp brought together middle school students, local universities, artists, and hospitals to design toys for children with mobility challenges. By turning a classroom into a maker space, and go-carts into adaptive joyrides, this interdisciplinary camp provided an opportunity for professional development and outreach throughout the year. The session will inspire attendees to connect with community partners and bring joy to those that participate.

Objective 1: Share a framework for interdisciplinary collaboration through an example of a service-based design camp for 5th - 8th graders. Objective 2: Inspire participants towards an openness to developing ideas without a fixed outcome in mind, while creating community in the process. Objective 3: Workshop with participants to reflect on their school to find opportunities for partnerships, and begin making connections with these partners before leaving the session.

Conversational Practice

Participants use design thinking tools to workshop potential opportunities with their community, connect with other participants, and create an outreach plan for when they return home. A shared resource in either a Google Slide or a Padlet will be created to keep the participants connected throughout the year as we develop our ideas.

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