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Making Meaningful Work or Making Work Meaningful?

Session 3
Willa Deitch

As an English teacher at a Project-based school, content classes can often feel like the "ugly step child." Yet, as a high school English teacher for the last thirteen years, I have strived to make English class a time of day that debunks those stereotypes. In my opinion, a teacher who makes meaningful units allows for students to produce meaningful work..and not all work is tangible. How do you make work meaningful? How can your class offer a cathartic outlet for social emotional rigor? I will share an example of a content-based project that I have created for my seniors around the idea of food and family that ultimately will result in a collection of stories as well as a cookbook.

Conversational Practice

I'll share some of the meaningful work that we produced in English class.

We'll practice some writing prompts that act as a cathartic outlet.

Build an idea guide together.

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