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Student-Led Conferences: Assessing Student Growth and Learning through Authentic Conversation

Session 2
Stacy Schwab and Kevin Kelly — John Hancock Demonstration School: Labrum Campus; Temple University School of Education

At LaBrum Middle School, we are in the second year of our transition from traditional, teacher led parent-teacher report card conferences to student-led conferences. We will answer your questions about the logistical steps we have taken to make this switch and share materials that we feel reflect best practices, but most importantly, the students on our panel will provide us with first-hand accounts of how participating in student-led conferences has given them authentic opportunities for reflection, engagement, and agency. Student-led conferences are one more layer of our journey toward living out our mission of creating a school in which we aspire to create productive global minded citizens by providing an inclusive, safe, student centered learning environment where learners are empowered and held accountable for demonstrating meaningful learning and understanding through inquiry driven, project based learning opportunities in a culture of care. Please join us as we examine how student-led conferences are helping to drive our mission forward. We encourage participants to bring their own successes with student-led conferences to share with the group.

Conversational Practice

A fishbowl protocol will provide the platform for guiding this conversation.

Presenter Profiles

Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly
John Hancock Demonstration School


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