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The Formula For Equity in Advanced Mathematics

Session 1
Kelli Bateman — NeoCity Academy

Many students are effectively shut out of math courses beyond Algebra 2 because of groups they were placed in before high school. Exposure to too much content too fast can be just as damaging as not having the opportunity to learn the content at all. Participants will hear about a pilot program at NeoCity Academy in Florida called “Journey 2 Calculus” which is meeting students where they are as rising 9th graders. Through various engagement and intervention strategies, this program is growing a calculus program at the school with a goal of 100% participation in calculus studies before graduation.

Even for students who have gained access to courses at a precalculus level and beyond, our quest for equity is not over. We must continue to support these students by creating learning environments in which curiosity is rewarded and failures are appreciated as opportunities for growth. Participants will share ideas for adapting advanced math lessons to be more inquiry-based and systems for implementing standards-based grading within a skills-rich curriculum.

Conversational Practice

Journey 2 Calculus narrative: • interactive app (mentimeter.com) to utilize audience input. • inspirational goal-setting/action plan exercise for programs back home

Inquiry/Standards-based grading Roundtable Problem Solving: • Participants will create & select “burning question”/problem to pose to their group • Participants will record 1 idea/resource/contact to help with others’ “burning questions”
• Most participants will receive many ideas, and all will be invited to join an online community for ongoing discussion.

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