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The Secret Is Out: Recipes for Reinventing and Making a Difference in Your School with a Creative Credentialled Librarian

Session 4
Dr. David Loertscher, Dr. Brian T. Johnson, Dr. Melaney Sanchez — San Jose State University School of Information, Lakeside Junior High School, Calvert County Public Schools

Rethinking the traditional role of the library and the librarian can make an exponential difference for stressed educators and our learners who are struggling to achieve. Unbelievable? YES! We’d like to engage administrators, school board members, teachers, and parents in a major grassroots and free initiative at www.alivelibrary.info. Be invigorated by building your own recipe for success through combining your ideas with new strategies. Be ready to go back home equipped and empowered to make a difference!

Conversational Practice

Our presentation will facilitate a conversation through:

-Ten minute introduction of the problem and possibilities using alivelibrary.info -Five minute Idea Blitzes from expert librarians Fifteen minute topical Table talks think tank about how 21st Century Librarians and Libraries collaborate to support and enhance instruction for literacy, inquiry, and technology. -Repetition of these two activities up to 90 minutes -All participants (both virtual and in person) will contribute to the conversation by adding resources to a shared interactive Wakelet document. -A backchannel communication app will be employed to inclusively customize the presentation and facilitate communication between participants and presenters -Encouragement throughout the conversation to keep a personal list of action steps when returning home. -Handouts with QR code with curated information -All activities available both virtually and in person.

Conversation Links

Presenter Profiles

David Loertscher
David Loertscher
San Jose State University School of Information
Morgan Keohane
Morgan Keohane
Boston Public Schools
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
Lakeside Junior High School/Springdale Public Schools/University of Memphis


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