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Transparent & Dehydrated: Innovating with a Minimum Viable Curriculum

Garreth Heidt and Students — Perkiomen Valley High School

Sharing and transparency is central in this conversation. The curriculum document for a HS inNOVAtion Lab will be a central text for study and discussion as the authors seek to offer insights and get help in revising the curriculum. Student projects, both past and in process, will serve as mentor texts in looking at issues central to this type of open-source learning such as: project management, assessment methods, grading, real-world connections. Introduction to Unrulr.com, a microdocumentation platform for assessment and community building will also be featured.

A successful program of 4 years, (see pvhsnovalab.com), NOVA Lab's authors are seeking to both showcase the work and gain valuable feedback and insights from attendees.

Conversational Practice

We will provide a brief genesis of the class and the 1st draft of our class's curriculum a text for others to learn from. We also recognize the document as a work in progress and seek the input of others through open dialogue and interaction with the authors (adults and students) to help improve the curriculum. Mindmaps, sketchnotes, and diagrams will serve to make the curriculum more visible and pliable.

We will introduce and ask you to use Perusall.com and Unrulr.com to engage in social annotation and microdocumentation (respectively) to engage with documents as well as capture learning as it occurs.

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Garreth Heidt
Garreth Heidt
Perkiomen Valley High School


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