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Perhaps We’re Past EdTech

Session 3
Bud Hunt — Poudre School District

While it’s good to look to what’s next, EdTech has been promising an almost here future for a good 100 years or so. In this conversation, we will unpack some broken promises and redirect our efforts towards doing better today rather than waiting for tomorrow.

Conversational Practice

After a brief introduction of some historical trends and patterns of “just around the corner” proclamations, we will open the floor to those who wish to interrogate the practices of “innovation,” leaning in to attention around how we can build the learning environments of good habits and practices right now, rather than looking ahead to what might be if only.

Participants will share their “if only” moments and their “let’s do this now” ideas as we unpack the promises of a future that never quite was.

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Bud Hunt
Bud Hunt


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