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Preparing our students for the careers of their future

Julian Cohen — Shared Lane Services

This workshop explores the implications of these broad and interconnected trends for our schools. As educators, how are we responding and adapting?

  • While the majority of young workers once had a good job by their late 20s, most young adults today do not reach this milestone until age 30 (Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce)
  • Daunting inequity persists in both education and labor markets with long term financial consequences and challenges to close the racial wealth gap (One Ten)
  • College enrollment continues to decrease, especially in Community Colleges. Persistence and completion rates are not rising either. (National Student Clearinghouse)
  • Families are searching for multiple pathways to meaningful work (Carnegie/Gallup Family Voices)
  • Employers are beginning to tear ‘the paper ceiling’ and follow skill-based hiring practices. (Opportunity at Work)
  • Unlocking mobility and equity relies on a set of durable skills and technical abilities necessary to succeed in the workplace (America Succeeds)

Conversational Practice

Flow of the workshop: 1. Collective brainstorm - what is a good job? 2. Let’s look at some data together - slide presentation and shoulder partner reaction 3. Where do you stand? In response to certain value statements, participants will move to the part of the room and engage in discussion 4. Affinity group meetings: select a group to discuss and come up with ideas for what can we do to better to: - Teach workplace skills in the classroom - Talk with students and families about multiple pathways - Engage with employers in work-based learning

  1. Share out - each group shares out an idea and a resource you should take a look at

Facilitator will create a resource drive and guiding questions

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