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What's the deal with failure? (Spoiler alert: this is not a session about grading)

Session 3
Dr. Margie Wright, Nicholas Fargnoli — Toasted: a podcast about seeing failure as a superpower

This conversation developed out of a collaboration between two friends/colleagues who, for separate but similar reasons, found themselves wrestling with failure in their personal and professional lives. As educators, they did the only thing they could…they avoided it. That is, they avoided it until one day they were talking about how horrible life was, and they decided to start a podcast, Toasted, with the goal of opening a dialogue about how to see failure as a powerful learning tool. More importantly, they wanted people to know that there is supportive community out there for people who are wrestling with failure, which sometimes is all we need in order to rise through the challenges in our lives.

Conversational Practice

We will do a brief (10 minute) introductory talk and then spend the remaining time discussing failure and how to reframe our understanding of failure.

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Margie Wright
Margie Wright
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