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Challenging Traditional School Leader Pathways and PD: Growing and Sustaining Equity-Centered Leaders

Session 2
Katie Culver, Brandon Cummings, Rosie Tarnowski — School District of Philadelphia

In this interactive workshop, participants will engage in exploring the characteristics of leaders, typical and unconventional, and discuss how to challenge dominant cultural norms that often define leadership, in order to increase access for those who have historically been excluded from leadership opportunities. Additionally, we will share how our transformative leadership vision and programming reflect and emphasize equity, inclusion, and social justice, focused on three core drivers: increasing the accessibility of pathways to potential equity-centered leaders; sustaining aspiring and current principals with human-centered, relational coaching; professional learning that is responsive to equity considerations. In alignment with the School District of Philadelphia districtwide equity framework, our vision of an equity-centered school leader is a leader who cultivates prosperity and liberation for students and staff, starting with historically marginalized populations. We guide and support our leaders to do this by increasing access and inclusion, building trusting relationships, removing barriers, and creating a shared culture of accountability.

Conversational Practice

In this session, we aim to engage the audience around these three programs. For each program, leads and co-leads of our office will open with an overview of our progress in this area, followed by a series of discussion questions and activities to invite the audience into the conversation and solicit ideas for deepening the scope and impact of our work. Additionally, We need to be able to evaluate the impact of all three learning pathways in terms of how they might be sustaining our leaders differently based on their identities and trajectories, and how leaders are reimagining their practices to influence more equitable outcomes for their students. We hope that the session participants will help us brainstorm creative evaluation strategies and participate in an enlightening discussion regarding what is working and alternative considerations to our process and offerings.

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Adam Watson

I'm very intrigued and impressed in the work you are doing in Philadelphia, particularly your very inspiring Leadership Framework! Thank you for sharing.

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