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Creating a Learner-Centered School Through Personalized Learning

Session 5
Joel Johnston — Compass Academy Charter School

Learn to build a learning community based on the most common denominator—how people learn. Using both real life examples and engaging participants in first hand experiences, the presenter will help participants identify, 1) their personal learning processes; 2) declare what each brings to a learning community; and 3) listen for what each needs from that community in order to be a successful student.

Gain insights from formulating a learning community on the basis of this type of communication and determine how this will help them build on this foundation.

Come away with resources you can use immediately upon returning to your institution.

Get equipped to connect as members of a learning community in an authentic manner.

Leave the session with two work products: • a full page personal learning profile describing how each uses their individual Learning Processes; and • a template for exploring how their Learning Processes can contribute to developing a learning community for study, support, and personal development.

Conversational Practice

Participants will: 1. develop a Personal Learning Profile; 2. discuss how to use the outcome of each to foster a dialogue between the instructor/tutor and student as well as enhance communication during team-based tasks; and 3. learn how to process and decode an instructor’s assignment and then generate personalized learning strategies that carefully direct them in completing the assignment.

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Joel Johnston
Joel Johnston
Compass Academy Charter School


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