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Let's Design a School!

Session 5
Mary Beth Hertz — Science Leadership Academy at Beeber

The session will begin with a brief panel discussion around what students envision for what school should be and could be. Participants will then be given a framework to design a school that meets the moment and considers what school is for and how it can be done.

Participants will break into small groups and, assisted by students, will complete a design exercise that explores the structure of school, the hows and whys of school and learning experiences. Participants will leave with concrete ideas to bring back to their schools and classrooms.

Conversational Practice

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions of students and after the brief panel discussion (~15 minutes) students will circulate to groups working through small group work around building a simple framework school plan and engage in discussions around what school could look like. Time permitting, groups will get to share their ideas with each other.

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