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The Case for Dreaming in Public

Session 1
Timothy M. Boyle, David Jakes — SLA-MS, Jakes Consulting

Back in 2020-2021 Science Leadership Academy Middle School began to plot a significant physical redesign of our informal and classroom spaces. Faculty and kids met for a series of interviews and design charrettes to dream about how we might want our spaces to be different, and what we could do to achieve those differences. The process led to significant new opportunities and more importantly, significant buy-in from students and staff.

This conversation seeks to wildly condense that experience so participants can begin to understand public dreaming as tool of community building and change management.

School groups strongly encouraged.

Conversational Practice

After opening with sharing the last, best, dream folks had, presenter(s) will briefly describe a change process at SLA-MS.

Participants will then form ad hoc groups to sketch, write, vision board, what-have-you, a dream for their school

Groups will share the elevator pitch (seconds not minutes) version of their dream. The majority of the debrief will be on how the process of public dreaming about a change invited a diversity of perspectives, what conditions made collaboration easier or more difficult, what fodder for dreaming you might want to do this "back home", and consideration of the ways in which capturing and sharing thoughts would could be more inclusive

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